Lower Your Current Mortgage Monthly Payment

Now it is time to take advantage of low interest rates. Speak to our licensed loan originators to discuss how a rate and term or cash out refinance can lower your monthly payments, consolidate your debt or utilize funds for home repairs and additions.

Rate and Term Refinance

  • Lower your current interest rate on your mortgage(s) to lower payments monthly.
  • Reduce your financial burden
  • Utilize the monthly savings from a refinance for other things
  • Convert to a fix rate rather than adjustable to lock in the rate for the loan’s term
  • Cash out Refinance
    1. Pay off high interest debt
    2. Do much needed home repairs, remodeling and renovations
    3. Buy a 2nd home or an investment property
    4. Utilize your home’s equity for whatever you see fit
    5. Reduce your total monthly expenses
    6. Pay interest that is tax deductible rather than high interest credit card debt which may not be tax deductible
  • Pay off your Mortgage Sooner
    1. Refinance to a 15 year term at a lower interest rate to pay off your mortgage sooner
    2. Refinance out of your adjustable mortgage to a fixed loan to start paying principle on your home
    3. Lower your monthly payments and send more each month to start paying down the principle amount and achieve your goal of no mortgage payments sooner