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Home loans from $548,250 to $3,000,000 with competitive interest rates!

If your home mortgage loan is in a high-valued area (above $548,250), then have no fear because we may have a loan for you! With Mortgage Fast’s Jumbo loan program you can borrow up to $3 million to purchase a new home or refinance your existing residence. As an experienced lending firm/bank, we offer a wide range of mortgage programs with competitive Jumbo mortgage rates, including cash-out refinance. Call to speak to one of our licensed lending officers about our jumbo home mortgages loans.

Who's Eligible

  • Qualifying for a jumbo loan

    Underwriting criteria for jumbo loans are stricter because these loans are larger and riskier for lenders.

  • Credit score

    Lenders may require your FICO score to be higher than 700, and sometimes as high as 720, to qualify for a jumbo loan.

  • Debt-to-income ratio

    Lenders will also consider your debt-to-income ratio (DTI) to ensure you don’t become over-leveraged, though they may be more flexible if you have plentiful cash reserves. Some lenders have a hard cap of 45% DTI, however.

  • Cash reserves

    You’re more likely to be approved for a jumbo loan if you have ample cash in the bank. It’s not uncommon for lenders to ask jumbo loan borrowers to show they have enough cash reserves to cover one year of mortgage payments.

  • Documentation

    To prove your financial health, you’ll need extensive documentation, perhaps more than for a conforming loan. You should be prepared to hand over your full tax returns, W-2s, and 1099s when applying, in addition to bank statements and information on any investment accounts.

  • Appraisals

    Some lenders may require a second appraisal of the home you’re planning to purchase.


Jumbo loans vs. conforming loans

  • The key difference between jumbo mortgages and conforming loans is the size of the loan amount. For a thorough look at the two, and the pros and cons of each read about the differences between conforming and non-conforming loans. Among the other factors that differentiate jumbo loans from conforming loans:
  • Heftier down payment

    While low down payments are fairly common on conforming loans, jumbo loans are more likely to require a down payment as low as 10%.

  • Potentially higher interest rates

    Jumbo mortgage rates may be slightly higher than those on conforming loans, depending on the lender and your financial situation. However, many lenders can offer jumbo loan rates that are competitive with rates on conforming loans — and some may even offer slightly lower rates depending on market conditions.

  • Higher closing costs and fees

    Because jumbo loans are bigger and there are some extra qualifying steps, expect higher costs at the closing table.


What are the benefits of a Jumbo loan?

Great low rates plus the ability to borrow higher loan amounts.



Purchase a home with as little as 10% down.



Available for primary homes, second homes, and investment properties, located on up to 40 acres.



Veterans and service members who qualify for a jumbo VA loan can often buy a home with a much lower down payment compared to other loans.

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Features of Jumbo Loans

All loans are not created equal, a personal loan has become a great option for people to use.

Fixed Rates

Eliminate worry about rising interest rates with a fixed rate Jumbo mortgage loan, and enjoy consistent monthly payments offering easier budgeting and increased peace of mind.

Adjustable Rates

If you anticipate a significant increase in your income or property value in the next several years, plan on staying in your home short-term, or would like to significantly lower your payment, a Jumbo 3 year, 5 years, or 7 years ARM might be right for you.


Frequently Ask Questions

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Jumbo loans are also called nonconforming loans because they’re over conventional loan limits.
In most of the country, the current conventional loan limit is $484,350. In 2020, the limit is raising to $548,250. The limit is higher in areas where housing is more expensive.
For buying a home, we finance jumbo loans up to $3,000,000.

  • Choose between a fixed or adjustable interest rate for all jumbo loans.
  • Jumbo loans are available with different terms – the length of the mortgage.

Fixed and Adjustable rates available
We close your loan up to 50% faster than the industry average
Borrow up to $3 million with competitive rates and minimal costs.